Attentions Tech-Giants. Here’s Some Good News.

Do you have smartphone power in your hand?

Arya has recently launched a budget-priced Octacore processor for the smartphones. It allows one to use multiple windows at the same time. It makes the apps run smoothly on your mobile devices.

The major advantage is that it has a faster gaming speed, which makes the adventure more thrilling.

The octacore is powered by handsome features, including

  • HD quality video
  • HD Display
  • 8 mega-pixel camera

Isn’t it a good news for the mobile lovers?

You can relish a bigger selfie experience with its 8 mega pixel camera. In short, no need to carry larger digital camera on the vacations.

What’s more?

Its High Definition video quality makes it possible for you to capture the images faster than normal. More detailed and lifelike picture will make the memories last longer.

Though many cores have launched in the past, but, it’s time for Octacore to exhibit its talent in the mobile world now.

I am excited about everything today!

So, why not be grateful to Arya, which has given us lots of reasons to smile and made us rock in delight with such a powerful processor.


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